7 Week Course On Meditation For Health, Love And Prosperity

Week 1: Accept, Release, Surrender

List of upcoming videos and meditations.

  • Week 1: Accept, Release, Surrender

    This practice will change your life when you do it consistently. It allows you to let go of anchors and triggers that negatively influence you.  Very powerful practice and one of my favorites.

  • Week 2: Emotional Freedom (EFT)

    I am going to show you what tapping is about and how you can use it to free yourself from anxieties and negative emotions.  Easy to do and best of all – no side effects!

  • Week 3: Wazifas

    This meditation and wazifa practice will change your life instantly – it is the most unusual of all meditations but also most effective especially if you feel down.

  • Week 4: Your Prayer/Ritual

    How you can create a ritual / prayer so that you can manage your emotions and spiritual connection to what is most important to you in your life.

  • Week 5: Symbolism

    This video will explain to you how symbolism has a very powerful effect at our lives indirectly. And I will show you how you can create symbols that make you stronger and more effective.

  • Week 6: Four Universal Breaths

    In this video we will go through a meditation practice together. This meditation practice is short and includes four different breaths.  The results are amazing! See for yourself!

  • Week 7: Miracles Of Meditation

    Meditation is truly powerful and this video shows you how you can use it to transform your health/money and relationships.

Bonus Meditation:

Peace Of Mind

After you watch the video above, please try this meditation recorded by Ina Lee in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  This meditation is amazing. I was actually present in the room during the recording. I have meditated to this at least 50 times.  Enjoy!