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Adventure Club For Gay Men

Join us for the best time of your life with other men during exciting mountain adventures!

  • Meet new friends instantly.
  • Share your life's story.
  • Feel alive again!
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Healing & Transformational!

Paul, Denver

Beautiful & Exciting!

Frank, Miami

Meet Men Inside A Positive Social Experience

Connect Inside A Space Of Trust, Friendship And Adventure

  • Share Your Life's Story

    Share your life’s story with other men. Share your struggles and victories and remove inhibitions to emotional openness.

  • Connect Deeply

    Connect to other men without the interruptions of social media and cell phones. Spend many hours together and create memories that last a lifetime.

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2020 Trip Schedule:

  • 2020 Spring May 20-24
  • 2020 Summer Aug 19-23

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5-Day Trips That Will Change Your Life

  • Beautiful Locations

    Release stress and anxieties inside beautiful meadows & valleys.  Leave behind all worries and frustrations and rejuvenate your soul, body and mind.

  • Day & Night Hiking

    Join us for full day adventures into one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S.  Let the beauty and the character of the mountains bring out strength, joy and excitement.

  • Friendships For Life

    Enjoy magical moments in the mountains with other men.  Hike at night under the stars and bond for life with other men.

  • Healthy Environment

    Enjoy healthy food, people and environments.  Restore your body and mind during multi-day adventures in the mountains.

For Gay Men Seeking Emotional Awakening

► Relax inside steamy, natural Hot Springs.

► Awaken emotionally during hikes in nature.

► Make new friends during an adventure.

► Create memories that last a lifetime.

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Powerful & Transformational!

Mark, New York

Emotionally Awakening!

Frank, Miami

Rejuvenate During Hikes & Hot Springs

Create A Magical New Beginning For New Friendships And Relationships

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Mark, New York

Powerful in every way!

William, Fort Lauderdale

Finally someone who understands what the gay culture needs!

Tom, San Francisco

I attended Paul's workshop about sexuality and relationships and was blown away with his creativity.  Paul takes his work seriously enough to experiment with new perspectives and ideas.  He doesn't ask you for permission - he gives you what you need. This level of creativity is very rare.

William, Fort Lauderdale

Join Us!

Message From The Organizers

We would like to invite you to join us for this magical Year Of Adventure in the mountains of Colorado.

Since we both moved to Denver in 2016, our lives have transformed.  Long trips into the mountains brought us closer together than anything else.  Being around nature and in a group of amazing gay men will give you memories for the rest of your life.

About Paul

Paul has been organizing workshops and events for gay men since 2010.  Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program and the author of over 500 videos about gay psychology of relationships and sexuality.  Paul is a trained facilitator and group leader and will lead the group during all activities.

Winter Park, February 2018.

2019/2020 Enrollment Is Open!

Spend 5 Days In The Mountains With Other Gay Men.  Enjoy Hiking, Steamy Hot Springs, Laughing & Sharing Your Story.

► Leave Behind The Dysfunctional Ways.

► Put An End To Emotional Bleeding.

► Detach From Toxic Situations.

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Powerful & Transformational!

Mark, New York

Emotionally Awakening!

Frank, Miami

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you join us for a social adventure.

Who is The Blue Lagoon Adventure Club for?

Blue Lagoon is for relationship minded gay professionals who seek an easier and better way to create friendships and relationships.  Blue Lagoon is for gay men who want to avoid years of “trial and error” and who want a permanent solution to relationship frustrations.

Relationships exist in the domain of emotion and spirit.  Blue Lagoon is for gay men who want to meet emotionally available and spiritually curious men for thought provoking conversations and sharing during hikes in beautiful locations in the mountains of Colorado.

If you have lost the belief in good relationships or if you have given up on pursuing relationships, Blue Lagoon will open doors to a new and proven way of meeting and connecting with gay men.

Blue Lagoon is for gay men who have accepted their need for caring, respectful and loving relationships, and who are ready to learn and practice scientifically proven and psychologically healthy ways of building relationships for life.

What should I expect during participation?

You can expect a private and upscale experience for emotional and spiritual openness, guided by a relationship coach (Paul Angelo) with years of experience in the area of gay relationships and gay sexuality.

You can expect a space for respect, dignity and authenticity during the retreat. You are guaranteed to connect deeply to all participants and to plant seeds for life-long friendships and relationships.

You can expect to feel a relief of stress and tension associated with daily life in big cities, rush hours and emotional anxieties from lack of healthy relationships.

You can expect to feel protected from the sexual innuendos and party culture often present during LGBT pride parades, events and tours.

What's included?

* Car Rental Fees
* Transportation To & From Events/Hikes
* Organic Food During Hikes
* Filtered Water During Hikes
* Access Fees To Parks
* Workshops

What's not included?

* Pickup & drop off at airport
* Sleeping Accommodations
* Food At Restaurant(s)
* Hiking shoes & clothes
* Hiking gear rentals if necessary

Who is Paul Angelo?

Paul has been coaching and training gay men since 2010. Paul Angelo is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program and the author of over 500 publicly available videos about gay relationships and gay sexuality.

Paul has been coaching gay professionals since 2010 in the areas of relationships and sexuality. Paul will be guiding the workshops and the ceremonies inside the Retreat. Paul Angelo MHA, MBA is the leader in the gay coaching industry.

With weekly new videos and innovative solutions for gay men, Paul’s vision is to create a new gay culture and a new infrastructure for friendships and relationships for gay men.

What are the emotional benefits of participation?

Society has changed quickly over the past 10 years. Technological innovation has not produced an improvement in the way gay men meet, connect and settle down. On the contrary – today, most gay men experience an acceleration of ambivalence, judgment and disrespect during dating.

Any gay man who is repetitively exposed to negative dating experiences can become numb and angry. In addition, anxieties about dating and breakups can build up to the point of creating a feeling of indifference about relationships in general. Some gay men say – “Why should I try if every time the relationship goes nowhere?”.

This cycle of negative experiences can be broken and every gay man can succeed in relationships, but first we need to understand the causes for the negative situations and then follow proven recipes for meeting, dating and connecting.

This is where the Adventure Club can help you. During the trips, you have the opportunity to share with others about your personal challenges and get everyone’s honest feedback. Group intelligence will help you see the invisible and help you understand how to self-correct.

During the evening, candle-lit workshops, you will also learn about powerful relationship frameworks that will save you years of frustrations and help you create the relationship you always wanted.

Who are other participants?

Other participants are gay men who are looking to go to the next level in their lives, especially in regards to personal relationships. T here comes a time for every man to choose the path of conscious and proactive effort towards relationships. Blue Lagoon Adventure Club creates a space where you can see your unconscious patterns and break through to the new way of being around men.

Ideal retreat participants are gay men who are looking for a more upscale and intellectually stimulating social experience. Blue Lagoon Adventure Club brings together men who are educated with a spark for adventure and interest in a healthy lifestyle. We guarantee an unforgettable experience in a beautiful location with amazing men.

What are the sleeping accomodations?

To make the logistics simple, we ask that everyone takes care of accommodations on his own.  The meeting point for each day is the following address: 4500 S Monaco Street, Denver, 80237. Please find accommodations close by for your convenience.

What is the level of fitness suitable for the retreat?

Men who can go for a long walk in the city are able to participate during our retreat. Your fitness level should be moderate. During each hike, we take breaks and ensure we stick together as a group and we never leave anyone behind. Our hikes are relaxing, not competitive. All hikes are opportunities for longer conversations and personal reflection.

How can I remove relationship challenges forever?

Most relationship challenges can be solved. Nature does not want men to struggle in relationships. But not everyone is ready for a healthy gay relationship.

Socially conditioned habits often stand in the way of connecting to other men. We are taught to seek the superficial and overlook the important. We are socially conditioned to objectify other men instead of seeking to get to know them.

Your transformation comes when you leave behind mediocre approaches and become ready to deal with human complexity that makes most gay men walk away. Instead of walking away, you engage the complexity and resolve the tension.

This is how you succeed in relationships for the rest of your life and we want the Blue Lagoon Adventure Club to give you the tools to face the challenges you might be avoiding to see and to go to the next level in your life.

How can The Adventure Club help someone who never had a good relationship?

Wounded people usually attract other wounded people. Continuous experience of bad relationships means the person hasn’t confronted the real issue.

Escaping the cycle of bad relationships begins with the discovery of the existential pain we try to cover up with relationships. This realization is often difficult to produce when we are stressed out, busy and frustrated with relationships.

The environment during our trips is ideal to give a person the time and space necessary to see and feel the deeper aspects of their personality and become aware of the effects of neglect and harshness in the past that may be contributing to ongoing relationship frustrations.

What is Big Gay Family?

Big Gay Family Social Program offers monthly introductions, coaching and video training so that you can remove all obstacles to healthy relationships. Big Gay Family was founded by Paul Angelo in Miami in 2010 and has been updated every year to provide world-class service for all members.

If I cannot make it, what am I missing out?

If you cannot make it, you are missing out on the following:

– Beautiful moments in nature with amazing men.
– Social adventure in the mountains.
– Meeting new amazing men.
– Participation during intimate evening workshops.
– Healing your body, mind and soul.
– Resetting your emotional eating habits.
– Resetting your sleeping habits.
– Being around higher quality men.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Because of limited availability of tickets (only 8 spots), we offer a 7-day refund policy from the day of booking. We recommend that participants buy travel insurance in case of unexpected changes of plans.