2020 Trips Now Open!

Each 5-Day Trip Only: $497

meeting place for all trips: Denver, CO

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Structure For Each Trip

Location: Denver, Colorado

Day 1:  Welcome Dinner + Planning
Day 2:  Adventure #1 Begins 9 AM
Day 3:  Adventure #2 Begins 9 AM
Day 4:  Adventure #3 Begins 9 AM
Day 5:  Personal Day + Workshop

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Have Questions?

3 Steps To Join Us

Step 1: Please watch the video and read this page.
Step 2: Check your schedule.
Step 3: Book your first trip.

2020 Trip Schedule

Please book your tickets as soon as possible to ensure your spot.  All trips depart from Denver.  Each trip is $497 per person.  Sleeping accommodations not included.

2020 Spring:     May 20-24
2020 Summer:  Aug 19-23

About The Club

Since the move to Colorado in 2015, Paul has fallen in love with the mountains. Soon thereafter, Frank joined Paul, and together they went on to discover the most beautiful locations of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  In the process, their relationship deepened and love blossomed.

That was the beginning.

Today, Paul is happy to offer you access to the same level of joy and excitement that he and Frank felt when they first came to Colorado.

"Don't miss out on this amazing adventure. Join us!"


How It All Started

Frank's Personal Transformation In The Mountains

In 2016, during a visit in the mountains and many days of hiking and sight-seeing with Paul, Frank had a personal awakening that led to radical, positive changes in his life. One late afternoon, at the end of a a long hike, high in the mountains, next to a beautiful lake, he suddenly started to undress and entered a freezing-cold lake. According to Frank, he “found himself in that freezing lake”.

Within a few months, he lost 70 lb, stopped all patterns of self-neglect, started exercising daily, began fasting and reconnected a romantic bond with Paul. Today, Frank’s main focus is in spiritual development, healthy habits and making a difference in the world.

Frank quit his corporate job and joined Paul in Denver to recreate his transformative experience for you. Time in the mountains has become Frank’s catalyst for deep personal change and spiritual awakening that continues today. At the time of this writing, Frank has found his new dream job and he has never been happier in his life.

Frank and Paul are planning to get married in the near future.

5-Day Retreat For Your Mind & Soul

Discover a brand new, healthier way of exploring gay relationships

  • Release Stress Inside Hot-Springs

    Release stress and anxieties inside Colorado’s most beautiful Hot-Springs.  Leave behind all worries and frustrations and rejuvenate your body and mind.

  • Take A Trip Into The Rocky Mountains

    Join us for a full day adventure into one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S.  Let the beauty and the character of the mountains bring out strength, joy and excitement.

  • Connect Deeply During A Workshop

    Share your life’s story during an evening workshop.  Leave behind the parts of you that slow you down and find your new direction for love, success and happiness.

  • Build Lifelong Relationships

    Connect deeply with other men and build relationships for life. Enjoy beautiful hikes, relaxing moments inside hot springs and great conversations at the dinner table.

The Mission Of The Club

Blue Lagoon Adventure Club is guided by a relationship coach, which creates a consistent focus on relatedness and group chemistry. 

  • To connect members for lifelong friendships & relationships.

  • To welcome love, intimate relationships and transformation.

  • To cultivate strength and masculinity through trips in the mountains.

  • Each trip is an invitation to show courage, strength and team-work.

  • To bring out your most authentic self and to share it with others.

  • To reset your emotional and eating habits for better health.

How Different?

Our trips are made for gay men looking for authentic interactions. Instead of loud noise and lots of people, we offer a more private experience inside a small group of 4-8 men.

Each trip includes team-work activities, collaboration, and roles. One person becomes a team leader, another becomes responsible for safety, and so on.

Every activity brings you closer to others so that by the 3rd day, you forget about your worries, anxieties, and struggles.

Each trip lasts 5 days to help you detach from the lingering stresses and empty your mind and heart during the hikes. 3-Day trips end too soon. The extra 2 days make a huge difference in your ability to feel the joy with the other men.

Our destinations are beautiful places that will inspire you and call on you to step up and take action in your life. All our trips include beautiful locations that will inspire you to heal and to grow.

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We want members to join us for trips multiple times and to get to know other members very well during the trips.

Instead of meeting strangers every time, you go on adventures with people you have known for months and years. This is how you can create a magical group of adventurers and create the most beautiful memories in your life.

The Adventure Club is also different because we promote team building, intelligent conversations, and a healthy lifestyle.

Most of us have enough of overwhelm and confusion from our daily lives. When you join us you will get grounded inside meaningful conversations and sharing.

Trip Design & Team Building

Each trip is designed by each participant on Wednesday upon arrival on Day 1.

This team-building activity brings everyone closer and gives you a feeling of engagement and a real connection.

Each trip will be customized to the member's physical abilities, weather conditions and the number of participants.

We want to keep the group between 4-8 each. If more than 8 members join for a trip, we create another group.

We can accommodate 2 groups max, so please book your tickets fast.

Who Is This Club For?

For those gay men who want more from life, from each other and are willing to go to the next level of adventure and aliveness.

For gay men who are looking for a social adventure in a beautiful location that includes great discussions, relaxation in hot springs, and beautiful group hikes in nature under the facilitation of a coach.

Building Our Trip

On Day 1, we will build our trip with:

  • Day Hikes
  • Night Hikes With Lamps
  • Hot Springs ( Caves )
  • Hot Springs (Thermal)
  • Lakes & Valleys
  • Historical Centers
  • Caves & Taverns
  • Ethnic Food
  • Workshops
  • Team Work

Depending on the weather and the physical abilities of the participants we will design the trip together on Wednesday, Day 1 of each trip.

Adventure Club Highlights

* 5-Day Social Adventure in The Mountains.
* Create instant new friends for life.
* Rejuvenate from stress, noise and anxieties.

* Incredible deal for a 5-day trip.
* Guidance by a relationship coach.
* An amazing opportunity to begin a new direction in life.

* Enjoy long conversations with other men.
* Share your life's story.
* Connect emotionally to other participants.

* Deep relaxation & rejuvenation
* Trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park
* Cannabis friendly (minimal use)

* Guided by Paul Angelo.
* Evening dinner & conversations
* Beautiful drives in the mountains

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Contact Us

Please contact Paul for questions at paul@paulangelo.com.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We will call you within 12-24 hours of purchase to answer all your questions and to make sure this Adventure Club is perfect for you. If for whatever reason you change your mind - we are happy to refund 100% of your membership price.

Sleeping Accommodations

To make the logistics simple, we ask that everyone takes care of accommodations on his own.  The meeting point for each day is the following address: 4500 S Monaco Street, Denver, 80237. Please find accommodations close by for your convenience.

What Is Included

* Car Rental Fees
* Transportation To & From Events/Hikes
* Essential Food & Water During Hikes
* Access Fees To Parks
* First Aid Kits
* Workshops

Not Included:
* Pickup & drop off at airport
* Sleeping Accommodations
* Food At Restaurant(s)
* Hiking shoes & clothes
* Hiking gear rentals if necessary