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Executive Summary

Date & Meeting Place:

5 PM Denver, July 19, 2018 -  5 PM July 22, 2018

Mission Of Retreat:

To restore confidence and trust in healthy long term gay relationships.  To heal the wounds from past relationships and to discover new possibilities for relationships & marriage.  The retreat is a catalyst for personal transformation - letting go of toxic ways of meeting men and discovering healthier and proven approaches to relationships.

Deeper Work During Workshops:

Good relationships inspire us.  Difficult relationships often hurt us.  We invite you to deeper work during evening workshops to let go of emotional pain / negativity.  All workshops are guided by Paul Angelo, a relationship coach and the founder of the Big Gay Family social program.

Who Is The Retreat For:

For gay men who are serious about relationships and are seeking a permanent shift in how they approach relationships - philosophically and psychologically.

Retreat Highlights:

* 4-Day Hiking Adventure in The Mountains.
* Instant 8 New Friends For Life.
* Transformational Workshops Guided by Paul Angelo

* Deep Relaxation And Rejuvenation In Nature
* Organic Food and Beverages Included
* Small, Intimate Group Of Gay Professionals

* Beautiful Locations For An Amazing Adventure
* Long Conversations During Guided Workshops
* Stargazing, Fire-Place, Wine & Lounging

Booking Terms          Retreat Brochure

100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

Our goal is to make sure you have the best time of your life with us. After purchase, you receive a 7 Day 100% money back guarantee. We will call you within 12-24 hours of purchase to answer all your questions and to make sure this Retreat is perfect for you.

If for whatever reason you change your mind - we are happy to refund 100% of your ticket price.

Daily Program

* Airport Transfer To The Retreat
* Accomodation at The Lodge
* Dinner & Welcoming Ceremony
* Evening Candle-Lit Intimate Workshop

* Morning Group Ceremony
* Breakfast
* Lounging Time Before A Long Trip
* Full Day Trip Into The Mountains
* Teamwork Exercises & Sharing
* Night Hike & Spiritual Conversations

* Morning Group Ceremony
* Breakfast
* Lounging Time
* Drive To A New Scenic Location
* Group Hike In Beautiful Location
* Dinner & Lounging
* Art Of Human Connection Evening Workshop
* Stargazing & Conversations

* Morning Group Ceremony
* Breakfast
* Group Hike To Beautiful Location
* Farewell Workshop & A New Intention
* Transfer to Denver Airport

Contact Us

Please contact us with information below:

Sleeping Accommodations

To keep everyone together, the retreat is inside a luxurious 6 bedroom mountain lodge. You will be sharing a bedroom, not a bed, with a matching participant to make sleeping easy and comfortable. Sharing often creates interesting late night discussions.


Your Reservation Includes

* 4-Day Hiking Adventure in The Mountains.
* 3-Month Access To Big Gay Family Social Program
* Video Training: The Art Of Human Connection

* 3 Workshops About Gay Relationships
* 8 Instant New Friends For Life
* Magical, Unforgettable Moments

* Hike At Night In Darkness
* Long Conversations About Life, Love & God
* Stargazing, Fire-Place, Wine & Lounging

Booking Terms          Retreat Brochure

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Join Us!

Message From The Organizers

We would like to invite you to join us for this retreat in the mountains of Colorado.

Since we both moved to Denver in 2016, our lives have transformed.  Long trips into the mountains gave birth to breakdowns and breakthroughs that brought us closer together than anything else.  Human Connection is the outcome of what we have learned about love, friendships and relationships.

About Paul

Paul has been organizing workshops and events for gay men since 2010.  Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program and the author of over 500 videos about gay psychology of relationships and sexuality.

About Frank

Frank is a dreamer and a community builder.  Before coming to Denver, Frank was involved in Floating Real Estate projects in Miami.  His ideas were published inside the 2015 Edition Of The National Geographic.

Summit of Mount Massive, Sept 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you join us for a social adventure.

Who is Human Connection Retreat for?

Human Connection Retreat is for relationship minded gay professionals who seek an easier and better way to create friendships and relationships. Human Connection Retreat is for gay men who want to avoid years of “trial and error” and who want a permanent solution to relationship frustrations.

Relationships exist in the domain of emotion and spirit. Human Connection Retreat is for gay men who want to meet emotionally available and spiritually curious men for thought provoking conversations and sharing during hikes in beautiful locations in the mountains of Colorado.

If you have lost the belief in good relationships or if you have given up on pursuing relationships, Human Connection Retreat will open doors to a new and proven way of meeting and connecting with gay men.

In addition to your participation during the retreat, you get access to “The Art Of Human Connection” training course to increase your understanding of how to create a deep connection with other gay men.

You also get 3-month access to the Big Gay Family Social Program, which helps you stay in touch with the men you meet during the retreat and also gives you six additional introductions to help you awaken emotionally and spiritually and succeed in relationships for the rest of your life.

Human Connection Retreat is for gay men who have accepted their need for caring, respectful and loving relationships, and who are ready to learn and practice scientifically proven and psychologically healthy ways of building relationships for life.

What should I expect during participation?

You can expect a private and upscale experience for emotional and spiritual openness, guided by a relationship coach (Paul Angelo) with years of experience in the area of gay relationships and gay sexuality.

You can expect a space for respect, dignity and authenticity during the retreat. You are guaranteed to connect deeply to all participants and to plant seeds for life-long friendships and relationships.

You can expect to feel a relief of stress and tension associated with daily life in big cities, rush hours and emotional anxieties from lack of healthy relationships.

You can expect to feel protected from the sexual innuendos and party culture often present during LGBT pride parades, events and tours. (No drag queens, no loud music, no nudity, no femininity, no drugs).

How different is this retreat from other gay tours/events?

Human Connection Retreat is different from other gay tours/events because we cultivate a psychologically and spiritually healthy social experience. (No drag queens, no drag shows, no leather contests, no loud music, no nudity, no femininity, no drugs). We attract masculine, health conscious, successful men who crave a masculine and safe social experience that leads into future possibilities for friendships and relationships.

Most gay tours/events are organized by travel guides who don’t have training in psychology. Most gay tours fail to acknowledge that relationships and friendships exist in a space of authentic communication, emotional availability and spiritual curiosity.

Human Connection Retreat comes with surprise bonuses. We want your experience during your Retreat to be a beginning of a personal transformation that continues after the Retreat. This is why you get free training “The Art Of Human Connection” and 3-month access to Big Gay Family Social Program to meet more men and to practice emotional and spiritual openness for months after the Retreat.

What's included?

– Shared accommodation in an upscale mountain lodge.
– Daily breakfast, daily lunch, dinners on all days except Sunday.
– Filtered water, coffee and tea. Imported wines and local beers for dinner.

– All meals are home-cooked and organic and mostly vegan and gluten free.
– During all hikes you will receive a lunch package and snacks.
– Vehicle transportation: we pick you up to and from the airport.
– Vehicle transportation: we bring you to and from each hike.

– Sightseeing and entrance fees to all National Parks.
– Snowshoes if necessary during hikes.
– Walking poles to make these hikes easier.

– Series of relationship workshops by Paul Angelo.
– Bonus surprises: free training “The Art Of Human Connection”.
– Bonus surprise: 3-month access to Big Gay Family Social Program.
– Bonus surprise: 6 introductions through the Big Gay Family Social Program

What's not included?

– Medical and personal insurance.
– Trip cancellation / interruption insurance.
– Backpack for hikes. Recommended backpacks:
– Shoes and clothing for hiking in the mountains.

Who is Paul Angelo?

Paul has been coaching and training gay men since 2010. Paul Angelo is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program and the author of over 500 publicly available videos about gay relationships and gay sexuality.

Paul has been coaching gay professionals since 2010 in the areas of relationships and sexuality. Paul will be guiding the workshops and the ceremonies inside the Retreat. Paul Angelo MHA, MBA is the leader in the gay coaching industry.

With weekly new videos and innovative solutions for gay men, Paul’s vision is to create a new gay culture and a new infrastructure for friendships and relationships for gay men.

The Human Connection Retreat and the Big Gay Family Social Program are the outcomes of years of insights and experience in the areas of gay psychology of relationships.

Who is Frank?


Frank is Paul’s boyfriend since 2010 and the co-creator of the Human Connection Retreat. Frank came out of the closet almost 10 years ago, during his early 40’s. His journey of adjustment and self-realization had many twists and turns.

Frank’s transformation:

In 2016, during a visit in the mountains and four days of hiking and sight-seeing with Paul, Frank had a personal awakening that led to radical, positive changes in his life. One late afternoon, at the end of a a long hike, high in the mountains, next to a beautiful lake, he suddenly started to undress and entered a freezing-cold lake. According to Frank, he “found himself in that freezing lake”.

Within a few months, he lost 90 lb, stopped all patterns of self-neglect, started exercising daily, began fasting and reconnected a romantic bond with Paul. Today, Frank’s main focus is in spiritual development, healthy habits and making a difference in the world.

Frank quit his corporate job and joined Paul in Denver to recreate his transformative experience for others. Time in the mountains has become Frank’s catalyst for deep personal change and spiritual awakening that continues today. He is committed to helping you experience a similar transformation.

What are the emotional benefits of participation?

Society has changed quickly over the past 10 years. Technological innovation has not produced an improvement in the way gay men meet, connect and settle down. On the contrary – today, most gay men experience an acceleration of ambivalence, judgment and disrespect during dating.

Any gay man who is repetitively exposed to negative dating experiences can become numb and angry. In addition, anxieties about dating and breakups can build up to the point of creating a feeling of indifference about relationships in general. Some gay men say – “Why should I try if every time the relationship goes nowhere?”.

This cycle of negative experiences can be broken and every gay man can succeed in relationships, but first we need to understand the causes for the negative situations and then follow proven recipes for meeting, dating and connecting.

This is where the Retreat can help you. During the Retreat, you have the opportunity to share with others about your personal challenges and get everyone’s honest feedback. Group intelligence will help you see the invisible and help you understand how to self-correct.

During the evening, candle-lit workshops, you will also learn about powerful relationship frameworks that will save you years of frustrations and help you create the relationship you always wanted.

Who are other retreat participants?

Other Retreat participants are gay men who are looking to go to the next level in their lives, especially in regards to personal relationships. There comes a time for every man to choose the path of conscious and proactive effort towards relationships. Human Connection Retreat creates a space where you can see your unconscious patterns and break through to the new way of being around men.

Ideal retreat participants are gay men who are looking for a more upscale and intellectually stimulating social experience. Human Connection Retreat brings together men who are educated with a spark for adventure and interest in a healthy lifestyle. We guarantee an unforgettable experience in a beautiful location with amazing men.

What are the sleeping accommodations?

To bring everyone together, the retreat is inside a luxurious 6 bedroom mountain lodge. You will be sharing a bedroom, not a bed, with a matching participant to make sleeping easy and comfortable. Sharing often creates interesting late night discussions.

If you are a light sleeper (like me), let us know and we will match you with someone who does not snore or walk in the evening. Comfort during sleeping is important and we will go extra mile to help you find a quiet, uninterrupted space for sleep and relaxation inside the luxurious mountain lodge.

What is the level of fitness suitable for the retreat?

Men who can go for a long walk in the city are able to participate during our retreat. Your fitness level should be moderate. During each hike, we take breaks and ensure we stick together as a group and we never leave anyone behind. Our hikes are relaxing, not competitive. All hikes are opportunities for longer conversations and personal reflection.

How can I remove relationship challenges forever?

Most relationship challenges can be solved. Nature does not want men to struggle in relationships. But not everyone is ready for a healthy gay relationship.

Socially conditioned habits often stand in the way of connecting to other men. We are taught to seek the superficial and overlook the important. We are socially conditioned to objectify other men instead of seeking to get to know them.

Your transformation comes when you leave behind mediocre approaches and become ready to deal with human complexity that makes most gay men walk away. Instead of walking away, you engage the complexity and resolve the tension.

This is how you succeed in relationships for the rest of your life and we want the Human Connection Retreat to give you the tools to face the challenges you might be avoiding to see and to go to the next level in your life.

I broke up with my boyfriend recently - is this retreat right for me?

Yes, this Retreat helps you express your feelings and helps you find your center again after a difficult time. Breakups are a good learning experience and an invitation to self-awareness and introspection.

Everyone goes through breakups at some point in their lives, taking on pain and emotional scarring. Our Retreat provides an open space for emotional sharing that often melts away wounds from past relationships and breakups.

Is this Retreat for closeted men?

Human Connection Retreat is for gay men who have been out for 2-5 years. Closeted men need to complete the coming out process before coming to the Retreat. This way, the differences between men are minimized and we can share and open up without inhibitions related to self-acceptance and shame.

How can this retreat help someone who never had a good relationship?

Wounded people usually attract other wounded people. Continuous experience of bad relationships means the person hasn’t confronted the real issue.

Escaping the cycle of bad relationships begins with the discovery of the existential pain we try to cover up with relationships. This realization is often difficult to produce when we are stressed out, busy and frustrated with relationships.

The environment of a Retreat is ideal to give a person the time and space necessary to see and feel the deeper aspects of their personality and become aware of the effects of neglect and harshness in the past that may be contributing to ongoing relationship frustrations.

What is Big Gay Family and how does it connect to the Retreat?

Big Gay Family Social Program offers monthly introductions, coaching and video training so that you can remove all obstacles to healthy relationships. Big Gay Family was founded by Paul Angelo in Miami in 2010 and has been updated every year to provide world-class service for all members.

We included a 3-month membership to the Big Gay Family Social Program for all participants of the Human Connection Retreat. This way every participant of the retreat can benefit from the “Connect For Life” process and the tools available to Big Gay Family members.

When the Retreat ends, instead of leaving the future of your new friendships to chance, we connect everyone to the “Connect For Life” sequence of conversations so that everyone stays in close contact even after the retreat has ended. With additional 6 introductions that come with the Big Gay Family Social Program, all participants of the retreat enjoy a “social boost” for many months after the Retreat.

If I cannot make it, what am I missing out?

If you cannot make it, you are missing out on the following:

– Beautiful moments in nature with amazing men.
– Social adventure in the mountains.
– Meeting 8 new amazing men.
– Participation during intimate evening workshops.
– Getting 6 extra introductions via Big Gay Family Social Program.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

Because of limited availability of tickets for this exclusive retreat (only 8 spots), we offer a 7-day refund policy from the day of booking. We recommend that participants buy travel insurance in case of unexpected changes of plans.

Within 3-12 hours of your booking we will contact you to schedule a confirmation call to go over the retreat with you and discuss any questions you have.

Retreat Dates:

July 19 - July 22

Booking Terms          Retreat Brochure

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