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From The Coach

Friends - I am happy to be here with you - teaching you about love and relationships.  And I want to start with a good message - a message of hope.

Gay relationships can be so much easier.  Our marriages can be so much better.  Our friendships can become our home.

You only need to choose to have them and begin the journey of transformation.

Everyone can succeed, but not everyone makes that choice! So I hope you are ready!

See you on the inside,

About Paul

Since 2010, Paul Angelo has created over 700 publicly available videos, 5 video based training courses, a social program and a hiking club.

All videos, training courses and programs help gay men succeed in creating meaningful relationships and a happy life.

Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program, which offers an adventurous introduction process, coaching and mentoring about gay dating and gay relationships.

Paul is also the founder of the Blue Lagoon Adventure Club, which is a hiking club for gay men interested in connecting with others inside a private club.