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Who Are You?

Discover ideas that give YOU a deeper understanding of WHO you really are!

  • What is the purpose of GAY life on Earth?
  • Is heterosexuality just the beginning?
  • Are lesbians "the finished product"?
  • What is the Future of Gay Sexuality?
  • How gay relationships Really work!
  • Are GAY men more intelligent?

Meet Paul

Paul came out at the age of 19 and experienced gay relationships and friendships while living in popular gay locations of: Chicago, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Denver.

By 2019, Paul has spent over 10,000 hours coaching gay professionals. With over 600 publicly available videos and over 70,000 viewers on various social media, Paul is the world’s leader in educating gay men about gay relationships and gay sexuality.

Paul is the creator of the Big Gay Family Social Program that is #1 Place For Lifelong Relationships, giving members access to unique tools and opportunities to make new friends and lovers.

The Gay Genius Show is a collection of ideas that span 20+ years of observation of patterns in the Gay Culture.  Paul has discovered a unique set of ideas that help gay men discover their true purpose and align their lives with it so that love, success and freedom are guaranteed for everyone.