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    Get Latest Workbooks, Checklists, Frameworks for how to achieve success in love, money and health specifically for professional gay men.

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    Create a strategy for your life based on your goals and purpose. Discover what it feels like to know exactly what you want and getting it.

  • Meet Ambitious, Driven Gay Professionals

    Reconnect with excitement, big vision and purpose when you meet gay professionals who want more from life in love, success and happiness.

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    Get help achieving your goals, setting up new habits and rituals that lead to success in love, money and health.

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    Bring back passion, excitement and optimism to your life by connecting with a group of gay men who are on the cutting edge of growth and development.

  • Make More Money

    Eliminate personal obstacles in relationships and friendships and focus your energies on making more money in your life.

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What people say after visiting Paul's events, workshops:

When you work with Paul you can expect him to give you detailed, simple, step by step set of actions that if you follow those actions it can take you to your results. And those are actions that you may not have thought about before and those can be the defining differences between where you were and where you would like to be. To conclude, give Paul a call land let him get started on what he does best and give yourself the relationship you want.
My name is Liam, I came today to Paul’s workshop. I just moved to Miami and I needed to de-stress and it was really relaxing to go within, to shift my priorities and see what is really important. It was really a great time and I definitely recommend it.
Hi, my name is Renzo. I came to Paul’s workshop and this definitely help me realize a more positive outcome in my life. Lately I have been in a negative stock hold and this just took me out of it. And I feel more optimistic and confident about what I can do as well as the things that I cannot control and its all about letting go and realizing what your full potential is and what you can and cannot control. Thank you.
Hi, my name is David, I was at Paul’s workshop now and it was a great experience, it was very relaxing, I felt very tranquil and at peace and it gave me a new perspective at what I can do and what I can accomplish.
I am Scott, I have known Paul for over 9 months now, we have worked together on at least 8 different occasions. When you work with Paul , you will find that he is very honest, he has a lot of integrity, which you don’t necessarily find these cays, he is hard working and caring. I think that whether you hire him as a matchmaker or to put together your video profile he will do a great job.
I was just at Paul Angelo’s group and I want to tell you its really great. I just met 6 new friends. We get together, its actually about 25 people here, we talk about dating issues, relationship issues, health, everything and anything and we get together to share. And looking to do trips, movies, restaurants, cruises together… its a wonderful way to meet people, outside the bar, no pressure about who is going to do what with whom, so come meet with us and I am looking forward to seeing you.
My name is Patricio, this is my first time at this meeting.I liked it I had a very good experience. People are very open and very honest. People share their experiences. Some people are new some not. I would recommend you join us next time.
Hi, my name is Robert. This is my 4th time I have been to Paul’s group. I have found it to be quite helpful. There are ways that I was looking for a relationship that was not productive. I have changed, I have gone out of my comfort zone. I found this meeting to be very valuable, thank you.
I am Dailey, I am glad I came here this evening and I am looking forward to using these principles tonight to get a new relationship going on. Keep up rocking on!
Hi, my name is Devon, I am a guest here at Paul’s event. I had a great time, I wasn’t expecting to have a great time as I did … I am sure you will too. Paul was a nice, warm inviting guy, he didn’t put you on the spot, he made sure you were comfortable.
I had a really good time, It was a very interesting event. Everyone is very committed to have a relationship and very honest about it and it was interesting to hear other people talk about their relationships. I benefited from it – I enjoyed listening to people and sharing my views.
Hi, my name is Ina Lee, I am the owner of Travelhost magazine of greater Fort Lauderdale. I also do a lot of work for the local community. I am on the board of the greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, I am on the board of the Fort Lauderdale restaurant and lodging association, very involved in community efforts. One of the things I do to make a difference in the world is to lead meditation classes at Whole Foods of Fort Lauderdale and now at the George English park in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Paul came to my meditation classes for many years and he came up with the idea of why not put the meditations on a website so that more people could have access to them. So I said sure, why not. And it has been beyond my wildest dreams. I highly recommend Paul’s work, I recommend his professionalism and his creativity and real commitment of making a real difference with people.
Ina Lee