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Just a quick announcement about a unique way of meeting, connecting and dating gay men. Dating today can be difficult. So little time, so many options. But there is an amazing program that since 2011 has been changing the way gay men meet for love and friendships.

We are talking about:

Big Gay Family Social Program

Here is how it works:

> You get 2 introductions every month.
> You talk 3 times before meeting.
> You connect fast with conversation templates!

And in September 2018, Big Gay Family added:

Relationship Journeys - you design your interaction with everyone you meet and both men commit to the whole journey! And the best part - you cannot SEE each other until you complete the entire journey!  Fun Fun Fun 😉

> No rejections
> No delays
> No disrespect

The most adventurous way of meeting and connecting with gay men in the whole world.

So, what are you waiting for - check it out:

Founder & Coach Of Big Gay Family