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Brand new video reveals why you should avoid an open relationship with your lover!

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  • Open gay relationships violate science of compatibility

    Open gay relationships break the rules of compatibility.  When you are emotionally and cognitively connected with your lover, the last thing on your mind is to open the relationship.  This is why most relationships that are open lack strong emotional and cognitive compatibility.

  • Open gay relationships distract both partners from 100% commitment

    Commitment to monogamy requires struggle and mental gymnastics that ultimately makes your lives much more richer and deeper. Sex while in a committed relationship is the most pleasurable experience for a human being.

  • Open gay relationships are easy but they limit intimacy and growth

    Relationships are about growth and intimacy. Why enter into a relationship if you are not willing to surrender to the other person’s requests and ideas?  Intimacy is when you let go of your crusty shell that keeps you from enjoying your life.  To do that we need a safe place – and that safety is gone when you open the relationship.

John, Miami

We really need to ask ourselves about how much rational thinking we put into our relationships.  If we used our minds, it would be easy to see that open relationships are just totally irrational and make no sense.   Paul's video is excellent in exposing the reasons why open gay relationships even exist.

John, Miami
Mike & Jerry

Open relationships are for guys who want sex and freedom to do what they want. This is not the right mindset for a relationship.  When we got together, we agreed up front that we will work hard on staying committed and we have struggled to do that - but our relationship has become so much richer and deeper because of it.  We are now married and totally in love.

Mike & Jerry