Stop The Struggle!  Transform Your Life Through Stable Relationships.

► Get introductions to 2 new men every month.

► Eliminate the revolving door of sex and hookups.

► Meet new best friend and your future husband.

► Build relationships that lead to marriage.

► Protect yourself from years of emotional struggles.

► Build stable relationships that don't go away.

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Stop The Struggle - Meet High Quality Men

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Started in 2010 in Miami by Paul Angelo.  Today available in most cities.  After 7 years and 1000's of hours of experience, Big Gay Family offers a psychologically proper approach to relationships.

Different Approach

Unlike other services, Big Gay Family uses Social Sciences to guide each member through the steps of connecting, bonding and developing trust.

Our "Connect For Life" process replaces impulsive socializing with stable, consistent introductions so that you connect easily without mistakes, rejections and self-doubt.

This Month's Enrollment Ends In:

Stop The Struggle

Meet men who value relationships.
Close the revolving door of sex and hookups.

Experience drama-free, friendly and welcoming space for
life-long gay friendships and relationships.

  • Meet Relationship-Ready Men

    Meet gay men who are available for frequent phone conversations. Experience human interactions the old-fashioned way without Grindr, Craigslist or texting.

  • No Time Waste

    Avoid spending 100’s of hours talking to men who are not interested in meeting. Spend time connecting instead of talking for months and ending up nowhere.

  • Be Yourself

    Be yourself without trying to fit into the stereotypes about sex and beauty. Eliminate insecurities and stress from having to become someone else to be liked or loved.

  • No Rejections & Frustrations

    Enjoy a family-like dating process that removes anxieties, frustrations and rejections. Experience emotional connections that flow naturally week after week.

  • Meet Honest Men

    Meet gay men who are open to genuine sharing and interactions without hidden sexual agendas, fantasies and games that invite dishonesty, judgments and rejection.

  • No Toxic Friendships

    Meet men who are guided by integrity to honesty and authenticity. Move beyond toxic friendships and experience genuine connections without hidden agendas.

Connect For Life
Save Decades Of Frustrations

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Connect For Life-Long Relationships

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Meet Genuine Men Who Are Driven, Ambitious And
Looking For Long Term Friendships And Relationships

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Connect With Men For Life-Long Relationships

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Gay Social Program for attorneys, educators,
entrepreneurs, executives, health professionals.

Get 2 introductions every month

Get consistent monthly introductions to ensure a flow of new friendships and relationships. Never again worry about friendships and relationships.  Reconnect to new possibilities of romance and long-term relationships without having to go to bars, hookup websites or loud social mixers.

Meet emotionally stable and
relationship-ready men.

Meet relationship-ready men who are available for conversations and who are not held back by intimacy issues and emotional unavailability.  Avoid meeting men who say they want love, but focus on sex.  Stay protected from men who are in open relationships or who are in relationships but claim to be single.

Your Special Moments

First Date, First Kiss, Falling In Love, Adventures, Vacations,
Surprises, Birthdays, Proposal, Wedding, Marriage.

Gay Matchmaking Since 2010. Over 8,000 Hours Of Experience.

Paul's methodology made a big difference.
- John 

I recommend Paul's services to everyone.
- Omar

Paul will help you save lots of time.
- Frank

Education is critical for gay relationships.
- Duane

Relationships are about body/mind/emotions.
- Eric

Meet educated gay professionals with similar values
who are able to have an intelligent conversation.

Stop The Struggle: Transform Your Life!
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Stop The Struggle. Transform Your Life!

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