Meet New Friends, Relax Together At Hot-Springs, Spend Time In The Mountains & Eat At Small Mountain Town Restaurants

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Executive Summary

Date & Meeting Place:

Start:  Friday, 3 PM Jan 18, 2019
Finish: Sunday, 3 PM Jan 20, 2019

4500 S Monaco Street, Denver, 80237

Mission Of Retreat:

The 3-Day Social Adventure is about bringing together a group of gay men for an amazing weekend together filled with joy, adventure and relaxation.  To create memories that will last a lifetime and to facilitate the creation of new friendships and relationships. The retreat is a catalyst for personal transformation - letting go of toxic ways of meeting men and discovering healthier and proven approaches to relationships.

Deeper Work During Workshops:

Good relationships inspire us.  Difficult relationships often hurt us.  We invite you to deeper work during evening workshops to let go of emotional pain / negativity.  All workshops are guided by Paul Angelo, a relationship coach and the founder of the Big Gay Family social program.

Who Is This Adventure For:

For gay men who are looking for a social adventure in a beautiful location that includes great discussions, relaxation in hot-springs and beautiful group hikes in nature.

Retreat Highlights:

* 3-Day Social Adventure in The Mountains.
* Instant New Friends For Life.
* Rejuvenate From Stress, Noise And Anxieties.

* Deep Relaxation Inside Hot Springs
* Trip To The Rocky Mountain National Park
* Small, Intimate Group Of Gay Professionals

* Relationship Workshop Guided by Paul Angelo.
* Dinners At Small Mountain Towns
* Beautiful Drives Across Mountain Landscapes

Daily Program

* Start time: 3 PM Denver Time
* Greetings & Introductions
* Afternoon Drive To A Beautiful Lake
* Short Hike Around A Lake
* Hot Springs Inside Caves
* Dinner At A Mountain Town

* Start time: 8 AM Denver Time
* Drive To Rocky Mountain National Park
* Group Hike In Beautiful Location
* Dinner At Estes Park
* Drive To Outdoor Hot Springs
* Stargazing & Conversations

* Start time: 9 AM Denver Time
* Relationship Workshop
* Relaxing Hike At Elk Meadow

What Is Included

* 3-Day Car Rental
* Transportation Day 1
* Transportation Day 2
* Transportation Day 3
* Relationship Workshop Day 3
* Access Fees To Rocky Mountain Park

Not Included:
* Pickup & drop off at airport
* Access fees to Hot Springs
* Dinners At Restaurant(s)
* Hiking gear rentals if necessary

Contact Us

Please contact Paul for questions at

Sleeping Accommodations

To make the logistics simple, we ask that everyone takes care of accommodations on his own.  The meeting point for each day is the following address: 4500 S Monaco Street, Denver, 80237. Please find accommodations close by for your convenience.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our goal is to make sure you have the best time of your life with us. After purchase, you receive a 7 Day 100% money back guarantee. We will call you within 12-24 hours of purchase to answer all your questions and to make sure this 3 Day Adventure is perfect for you. If for whatever reason you change your mind - we are happy to refund 100% of your ticket price.


Booking Terms          Retreat Brochure

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How It All Started

Frank's Personal Transformation In The Mountains

In 2016, during a visit in the mountains and three days of hiking and sight-seeing with Paul, Frank had a personal awakening that led to radical, positive changes in his life. One late afternoon, at the end of a a long hike, high in the mountains, next to a beautiful lake, he suddenly started to undress and entered a freezing-cold lake. According to Frank, he “found himself in that freezing lake”.

Within a few months, he lost 70 lb, stopped all patterns of self-neglect, started exercising daily, began fasting and reconnected a romantic bond with Paul. Today, Frank’s main focus is in spiritual development, healthy habits and making a difference in the world.

Frank quit his corporate job and joined Paul in Denver to recreate his transformative experience for you. Time in the mountains has become Frank’s catalyst for deep personal change and spiritual awakening that continues today. He is commited to helping you experience a similar transformation during the Retreat.

3-Day Retreat For Your Mind & Soul

Discover a brand new, healthier way of exploring gay relationships

  • Release Stress Inside Hot-Springs

    Release stress and anxieties inside Colorado’s most beautiful Hot-Springs.  Leave behind all worries and frustrations and rejuvenate your body and mind.

  • Take A Trip Into The Rocky Mountains

    Join us for a full day adventure into one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S.  Let the beauty and the character of the mountains bring out strength, joy and excitement.

  • Connect Deeply During A Workshop

    Share your life’s story during an evening workshop.  Leave behind the parts of you that slow you down and find your new direction for love, success and happiness.

  • Build Lifelong Relationships

    Connect deeply with other men and build relationships for life. Enjoy beautiful hikes, relaxing moments inside hot springs and great conversations at the dinner table.